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Leela Theatre's Groundbreaking Production Sheds Light on Discrimination Faced by South Asian Women in the Workplace.


Untether Your Life

Many of us lead very fragmented lives. If we're lucky, we set aside a couple hours a week to what really lights us up in between our busy "9-to-5"s and hectic social and family obligations.


I find it very inspiring, therefore, to connect with people like this week's guest Sharanya Rao, who succeed in "bringing their whole selves" to their day to day and follow their passion.

Happy & Human

In today’s episode, we have Sharanya Rao sharing her experience and insights on where we need to shift our perspective as a society, why we should start calling soft skills core skills, and more. Seema and Dinesh have a conversation with Sharanya on what true leadership looks like, and how we can make more active decisions to lead. They talk about the importance of actually taking the own advice we give our children and the value in pursuing our own passions in life.



Sharanya Rao is a leadership, team, and career coach with an emphasis on equity and inclusion. She’s also the Artistic Director of Leela - An Indian Community Theatre in Austin, Texas. Her current project, Anklets in the Boardroom, gives voice to South Asian women’s experiences in the workplace. Her project is a living example of creating in community, in service of positive social change, which is one of Syncreate’s core principles. Our conversation in this episode focuses on how she’s brought together a “confluence of passions” with her work in coaching, DEI, and theater, culminating in Anklets in the Boardroom.

Reviews on
Anklets in the Boardroom

What did you enjoy about the show?

 " The interactive part is brilliant and that a different reasoning/videwpoint is welcomed in the discussion."

" I brought my 11-year-old and he loved it. I appreciate the thoughtful audience responses and how Sharanya built the infrastructure for that in her facilitation."

"It is amazing to see how the intervention worked so well.

I enjoyed the dialogue between the characters and also enjoyed observing the change."

"How interactive it is. Safe space to speak"

" The discussion of ideas, the quickness of the actors adapting to the suggestions, the facilitator guiding the discussion and her ability to pull out the heart of what the audience was expressing, the conveyance that it was a discussion and a safe place to exchange ideas."

" The concept of us interjecting was really nice. It almost seemed therapeutic for some people and should be explored this way."

" The format of intervention. This was my first time and I loved it.I really enjoyed the honesty of the situations and the audience's interventions were very informative."

" Faciitator was so good at creating safe space. Loved the participation and learnings from audience perspective." 

Faciitator was so good at creating safe space. Loved the participation and learnings from audience perspective. 

Also featured on KOOP Radio show, Off Stage and On the Air
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